I'm Martina, I like things clean and classic. I believe your wedding photos deserve to be as epic as your love story.

A camera is a fascinating tool for me to explore the world and capture all the beautiful things manifesting in front of my eyes. Vivid portraits created in soft light tantalizes my soul, while passion for the smallest details allows me to treasure the art of the everyday.

My approach to photography is similar to what Dave Geffin once said:
to create better photographs, you don’t have to think big, but to think simple.

I believe in celebrating the moments you feel the most like yourself.

I am the most inspired by the two in front of me, and I focus on emotions and personalities. I am driven by raw love, never-ending smiles, hidden touches and gentle kisses. 

I take pictures that are clean and crisp, bright and true in color, natural and relaxed. Happy, in love, classy, minimalist, modern and romantic. 

For a day you’ll remember for a lifetime, you need photos that are timeless.

Ready to tell your love story?
Because I know I am!

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Vanilla chocolate chip cookies

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a few more things you should know: 

Theodore and Kingsley are my Nikon cameras (yes, I named them), and they are my +2 to every wedding I shoot. 

I have a special connection with my cameras...

Play some latin music, and you’ll find out just how much. Then see you on a dance floor!

I love to dance

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 I split my time between Europe and Middle East, going from the warm breezes of the mediterranean coast to the warmth of the desert.

You can find me on multiple addresses

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That everyone looks amazing in front of the camera.

 i believe

And it is my job to prove it to you!
I will be there to guide and direct you, capturing those moments of intimacy while no one else is looking, letting the noise of the party fade to the background as your love story unfolds.

Your photos do not belong on your phone.

 i believe

That's why I offer the most beautiful, bespoke handmade albums and folio boxes you have ever seen.
For the timeless memories!

Almost any wine is good so long as it’s open.

So cheers to you, your friends & family, and your love story!

I believe