“She captured all of the beautiful emotions in every photo. Every one was truly beautiful and even looking back at them now we get the same feelings we did when we first saw them.”


- Siobhan, bride

Where most people have a set photographic style and a bunch of preconceived ideas, I tailor my photos to my clients. After all, shouldn’t your photography fit you perfectly?


While I bring my spark for visual storytelling with me to all of my projects, there’s something special about working with kindred spirits. 
You know the kind - the friends you feel so connected with that the second they start crying, you start crying?
That’s me - at your wedding.

Because part of being able to successfully capture the magic of your moment means I am in the moment with you.

From engagement photos to site visits, requests from family members and friends for special moments, and more, we’ll be in regular communication to make sure
you’re all ready for your special day.

Because if there is one thing to know about the big day, it’s this:
It goes fast.

It’s a good fast - that kind of fast that comes from surrounding yourself with the loved ones while starting the rest of your life with the person that means the most to you, adding great music and some killer dance moves and the kinds of shared laughs that will leave you smiling for a lifetime.  

With a photographer you can trust, you can let yourself get pulled into all the fun knowing those memories will be waiting for you when you’re ready. 



For a day you'll remember for a lifetime, you need photos that are timeless.
Begin at 1,800 euro for intimate weddings.



Capture those raw emotions just between the two on an epic location & relaxed vibes. Begin at 850 euro.


I travel for the souls in love - so far I have photographed at 3 continents and in 20 countries. 
Let me know your plans and I will be there!  



Your personality shines in your choice of outfits and the details throughout the wedding, and you strike that balance between being classy and modern and getting down for a good time.

Are a little bit modern, and a little bit classic.


If you are open to having fun with your photographer, just see what happens when you get this passionate dancer out on the dance floor.

(Plus, if you show me the playlist and it goes from a classy, jazzy reception to a mix of latin fire and funky oldies later in the evening, I’ll know we were meant to be!)

Aren’t afraid to get down on the dance floor, Louboutins and all.

my dream clients

I am a beauty catcher. And beauty is not only what we see with our eyes, but a lot what we feel with our souls. And boy, do I feel!

If you love details as much as I do

We are a perfect match


the number of weddings i shoot each year

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years of capturing
happy people


THe number of international flights taken in the last year


of my couples do first looks. ask me why!




countries and counting


here's how this thing works

01. Let’s Meet

I am very friendly and chatty, so feel comfy to reach out and say hello. I would love to hear all about you and your soulmate and the amazing love story you share. The more I know, the better I can guide you through planning for the perfect images.

02. Let’s Plan

I'm here for you every step of the way, ensuring that photography coverage is unobtrusive and effortless, paying particular attention to every small detail of your personality and styling.

03. Let’s Shoot

By this moment, we will already break the ice so you can feel comfortable with me and the camera peeking into your most intimate moments.
Let's create some magic!

Martina is so full of energy and really knows how to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. Especially if you are shy and don't know how to pose. You can tell she's very experienced and that shows in the results.

“I couldn't have asked for a better photographer!"

sally & Kurt

She has captured the most special moments of our lives with great positive energy and never failed to make every photo look so natural!

“Martina creates magic!”

Rana & bashar

During the shooting,  we had so much fun!
Very comfortable, warm and cozy due to her approach and working style. Frankly saying, I didn't have any expectations on the look of the images because it became more precious to have very enjoyable time.

Belma & tahsin

“The first thing we felt was the high energy and positive mood that made us confident."