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Romantic Boho Desert Elopement in Qatar | Yasmine & Bob’s Motorbike Love Story

Happy Couple in Wedding Outfit on a Motorbike

What do you need for the perfect wedding? Maybe you want a ceremony in a grand cathedral with gorgeous stained glass windows, or a large reception with plenty of dancing, drinks and food.
​For Yasmine and Bob, all they needed was love and a Harley.


In all my time as a Qatar Wedding Photographer, I’ve never had a couple with this much chemistry! The two were so in love that they just couldn’t wait to get married, so they eloped and had a quiet ceremony in Tbilisi, Georgia where they signed their marriage papers. In fact, this photo shoot after the wedding was their way of announcing their marriage to the world. For a brief time, I was the only person who knew they officially tied the knot!

We traveled to the desert just outside of Umm Baab in Qatar (with Yasmine and Bob on his Harley, no less!) to shoot some of the most beautiful photographs I’ve ever had the pleasure of capturing as a Destination Wedding Photographer. Having someone to help you plan a personalised and unique wedding shoot such as this is so crucial, and as you can see from the photos, it’s worth every penny.

Their love

Despite the shimmering sands and the sunlight bouncing off of the tall sand dunes, no light shone brighter than Yasmine. Her smile never faltered, even when Bob’s Harley got stuck several times on the way out. These two were simply happy to be in each other’s presence, their faces glowing with the warm light of two souls joining in what is sure to be a strong, loving marriage. At certain points, I had to bring Bob back to the present moment. His mind and his gaze never left Yasmine — not that I can blame him!

Her outfit featured detailed floral straps, a flowing veil, and a stunning bouquet with bursts of color. Both of these two are made for modeling, and they were incredibly easy to work with, but I think Bob and I can both agree that Yasmine stole the show. Her expressions were flawless!

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The two were so in love that they just couldn't wait to get married, so they eloped and did romantic session in the desert.

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